Notes From 3 Conferences – Ross Tuck
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  @10.23.2014 14:50:43
New in Symfony 2.6: Error page previews (Symfony Blog)
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  @10.23.2014 14:41:07
PHP: rfc:objkey
  tagged: phpquickfix rfc object hash key
  @10.23.2014 14:24:10
PHP: rfc:ustring
  tagged: rfc phpquickfix ustring unicode string
  @10.23.2014 14:23:42
Creating Maintainable WordPress Meta Boxes: Verify and Sanitize - Tuts Code Tutorial
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  @10.23.2014 14:23:05
Using AlterEgo to Add Two-Factor Authentication to Your WordPress Site - Tuts Code Tutorial
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  @10.22.2014 18:04:07
PHP: rfc:anonymous_classes_v2
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  @10.22.2014 14:25:07
PHP: rfc:hashkey
  tagged: phpquickfix rfc hashkey magicmethod
  @10.22.2014 14:24:48
Phil Sturgeon • Describe Your PHP Component | Blog
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  @10.22.2014 14:24:07
URL rewriting in built-in web server of PHP | Blog of Leonid Mamchenkov
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  @10.22.2014 14:22:44