For security's sake update WordPress to version 3.8.2 - Inside the Nerdery
  tagged: wordpres update security auth
  @04.15.2014 07:29:05
How To Modernize Your Legacy PHP Application | Paul M. Jones
  tagged: book modernize legacy application
  @04.15.2014 07:13:41
Hawk Autentication considered harmful.
  tagged: hawk authentication sabre
  @04.14.2014 09:00:23
Handy PHP debuging snippet
  tagged: debug snippet code
  @04.11.2014 14:27:01
Branch Analysis Made Easier - SensioLabs Insight Blog
  tagged: insight branch analysis scanner
  @04.11.2014 10:25:11
PHP mysqlnd memory optimizations: from 49MB to 2MB | Ulf WendelUlf Wendel
  tagged: mysqlnd memory optimize
  @04.11.2014 09:28:20
The Symfony Core Team is back - Symfony
  tagged: symfony framework core team
  @04.10.2014 09:26:05
Messing with PHPUnit and Namespaces - bitExpert AG
  tagged: phpunit namespace issue
  @04.10.2014 07:31:15
Liip Blog // My HHVM talk slides from yesterday's Webtuesday
  tagged: hhvm talk slides christianstocker
  @04.09.2014 07:09:31
Debug Packages - HHVM
  tagged: hhvm debug package issues
  @04.08.2014 08:10:56