A new URI handling library for PHP.
  tagged: phpquickfix uri handling library normalize
  @01.28.2015 15:14:33
WordPress on AWS Whitepapers - AWS Developer Blog - PHP
  tagged: phpquickfix wordpress aws whitepaper
  @01.28.2015 14:42:56
Announcing Zend Framework 3 – The Future of PHP Frameworks - The Zend Blog
  tagged: phpquickfix zendframework3 announcement future
  @01.27.2015 15:21:21
PHP: rfc:error_handler_callback_parameters_passed_by_reference
  tagged: phpquickfix rfc error handler parameters passbyreference
  @01.27.2015 15:00:46
PHP: rfc:date.timezone_warning_removal
  tagged: phpquickfix datetime warning remove rfc
  @01.27.2015 15:00:16
PHP Benelux conference - Freek Lijten
  tagged: phpquickfix phpbenelux15 conference wrapup
  @01.26.2015 14:55:00
The PHP Paradox
  tagged: phpquickfix paradox jobs knowledge language
  @01.26.2015 14:22:09
Five Minutes with Jonathan Deaves - Laravel News
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  @01.23.2015 15:41:43
Creating Your Own Widgets Using Various WordPress APIs: Introduction - Tuts Code Tutorial
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  @01.21.2015 12:13:12
Even More Essential Plugins for WordPress Theme Development - Tuts Code Article
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  @01.20.2015 14:30:32