PHP OCI8 2.2.0 has database call timeouts | Oracle Scripting and Oracle: Christopher Jones Blog

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  @12.13.2018 08:19:34
PhpStorm protected branches feature | matt glaman

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Updating WordPress GUIDS - codediesel

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Announcing API Problem 3.x for PHP, complete with PSR-17 support | GarfieldTech

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Comparing Arrays in JS and PHP - Pine

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PHP: rfc:ffi

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Announcing Eliza for PHP | GarfieldTech

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PHP: rfc:ffi

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How To Add To Array In PHP | Code Wall

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Supporting unmaintained PHP versions | Le Blog | Fire up your PHP Apps Performance

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WP Migrate DB Pro 1.9 Released: New Backups Tab and Refactored PHP

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  @11.28.2018 08:27:32