What's New in WordPress 4.1
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  @12.19.2014 14:56:54
Custom Events in Magento With the Observer Pattern - Tuts Code Tutorial
  tagged: phpquickfix magento observer designpattern tutorial
  @12.19.2014 14:01:40
Laravel Podcast Episode 20 LIVE - Google
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  @12.19.2014 14:01:05
PHP Storm Best Features : PHP
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  @12.18.2014 16:40:53
New in Symfony 2.7: Inherited security roles in the web profiler (Symfony Blog)
  tagged: phpquickfix symfony2 webprofiler security roles inherit
  @12.18.2014 14:37:46
MageTalk Episode 15 – The MageTalk Drinking Game | MageTalk: A Magento Podcast
  tagged: phpquickfix magento magetalk podcast ep15 drinkinggame
  @12.17.2014 14:49:13
OAuth 2 and API Security discussion on Full Stack Radio podcast · Alex Bilbie
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  @12.17.2014 14:39:05
PHP: rfc:php57
  tagged: phpquickfix rfc php57
  @12.16.2014 16:06:20
Get a Fast Start with the Mailgun Plugin for WordPress - Tuts Code Tutorial
  tagged: phpquickfix wordpress mailgun plugin tutorial
  @12.16.2014 16:05:13
Xdebug and private /tmp on Fedora ~ Robert Basic ~ the magic of coding...
  tagged: phpquickfix xdebug tmp private
  @12.16.2014 15:35:51