WeCamp: Everybody is welcome! - Left On The Web
  tagged: wecamp14 conference glamping
  @04.22.2014 08:59:32
Zend Server and Sendmail failure bug | GeekyBoy.com
  tagged: zendserver email sendmail bug
  @04.22.2014 07:46:24
Phar: Browser caching for static files
  tagged: phar cache static file browser
  @04.21.2014 08:58:59
Book review: Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP | PHP & Symfony
  tagged: book review modernize legacy
  @04.21.2014 07:28:11
Principles of PHP Package Design - First part of the book is now available | PHP & Symfony
  tagged: package design book principles
  @04.21.2014 07:20:20
First Aura v2 Beta Releases of Web_Project, Cli_Project, and Framework_Project | Paul M. Jones
  tagged: aura framework release project
  @04.18.2014 07:54:46
Apigility 1.0.0beta2 Released! - Zend Framework - Zend Framework
  tagged: apigility 1 release
  @04.17.2014 07:29:08
For security's sake update WordPress to version 3.8.2 - Inside the Nerdery
  tagged: wordpres update security auth
  @04.15.2014 07:29:05
How To Modernize Your Legacy PHP Application | Paul M. Jones
  tagged: book modernize legacy application
  @04.15.2014 07:13:41
Hawk Autentication considered harmful.
  tagged: hawk authentication sabre
  @04.14.2014 09:00:23